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Commercial solar energy storage system

(Only available in mainland China and other regions without certification requirements)

Lenercom energy storage machine (commercial) adopts modular integrated design, and the system includes monitoring, PCS module, lithium iron phosphate battery, BMS, heat sink and fire extinguishing system.It can provide backup power or emergency power for important loads in off-grid mode.The working mode can also be adjusted to stabilize load fluctuations, load peak clipping, and peak-valley arbitrage.

Commercial solar energy storage machine
Product feature

- Intelligent operation, the whole process does not require manual intervention

- Flexible configuration, free combination of power and energy

- Intelligent air-conditioning management, more energy-efficient operation

- Dynamic expansion of capacity, free choice of AC-side parallel or DC-side parallel

- Fast switching between parallel and off-grid, the switching time is less than 10ms

- APP remote monitoring

Power range30/60kW
Battery capacity range129kWh
Specific parameters
Weight850 kg
Size(width/depth/height)1470*950*2260 mm
Rated output power30 kW60 kW
Rated battery capacity120 kWh120 kWh
battery typeLFP
Cell rated capacity172 Ah
Allowable grid voltage range380±15% V
allowable grid frequency range49.5~50.2 Hz
Maximum system efficiency>86.2%
Power factor±0.99
Overload capacity110% 10min
Full power charge and discharge120% 1min
Conversion time<10 ms
Power command response time<2 ms
AC voltage<2%
Alternating current<5%
Three-phase output voltage unbalance degree<2%
Output phase deviation<3°%
Off-grid AC output voltage380±2% V
Off-grid AC output frequency50±0.1% Hz
Output port (copper bar)30 kW60 kW
Photovoltaic MPPT output port (copper bar)30 kW