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Lenercom Energon Max is the first Indoor & 0utdoor Suitcase Design Power Station

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Professional energy storage company Lenercom has recently launched a revolutionary mobile energy storage station called Lenercom Energon Max, which is truly the first mobile station that can be used for both home and mobile energy storage. The product uses a fashionable "suitcase" concept design, which not only solves the problem of difficult transportation of high-power and high-capacity mobile energy storage, but also improves the shock resistance of the internal structure of the device. Let's take a look at its specific performance.


High energy and power output:

A single Lenercom Energon Max has an output power of 3000W and a capacity of 3840Wh, which can meet the needs of most outdoor electrical appliances, and even electric vehicles. Compared with similar best-selling products, it is a "monster-level" product in terms of performance. It also provides a battery pack with the same capacity, which can be connected to form an expanded capacity of 7680Wh, enough to meet the long-term use of major household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators.

10ms UPS:

When the Energon Max is connected to the home power grid, it can automatically provide power within 10 milliseconds of a power outage, ensuring that household appliances are not affected, especially valuable computer data.

Fast charging, 80% full in 1.7 hours:

In the case of PV and mains joint charging, the Energon Max can be charged to 80% in 1.7 hours. With such a large-capacity mobile power station with fast charging capabilities, it will save users more time.

Safe energy storage:

Lenercom has always attached importance to the research and application of safe energy storage technology, so the Energon Max also incorporates automatic fire extinguishing technology that other similar products do not have, which maximizes user safety.


Therefore, compared with similar products such as Ecoflow, Lenercom Energon Max maintains a high design level in appearance, fast charging, and power performance, and brings a unique product experience in terms of convenient use and safety in multiple scenarios such as home, travel, and outdoor operations.


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