A good start | Full-scale start, 2021 "run" to the future!

Updated: Mar 18

The beginning of the new year

Vientiane update

The atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet dissipated

The new journey has begunpresent day,

Lenercom Technology officially started!

People come early in spring, hard work is at the right time

You who are about to start working modeAre you ready?

Looking back at the happy annual meeting together

Full of vitality, set sail for 2021!

All employees, get together

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Good start, welcoming spring

New Year starts a new journey

New goals look forward to new actions

2021, we will



Set off firmly

Do a good job of serving users

Pioneer of innovation and development in the industry

reliable quality

And the hard-working old scalper

in New Year

Thanks for having you, and achieving together