Interesting and informative! Take a look at what international students do in Lenercom?

On the afternoon of June 2nd, the Silk Road Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture at the International Education College of Central South University was held at Hunan Lenercom Technology Co., Ltd. The general manager of the company, Lao Wen, gave a special topic on " Power System Composition and Development Trends" for international students.

Before the start of the lecture, the staff of Lenercom Technology invited international students to visit the solar photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roof of the company. Photovoltaic panels are combined with the Lenercom ESS solar storage integrated product independently developed by Lenercom Technology , which can convert solar energy into electricity and store it in Lenercom ESS , the company's daily electricity consumption is realized.

While observing the photovoltaic panels up close, the international students listened to the lively introduction by the instructor and felt the changes brought by the clean energy technology of Energy Technology to the company.

Later, the international students in China watched the introduction of our company's business and equipment, and experienced the actual use of the equipment on the spot. They were deeply attracted by various scientific and technological equipment.

In the lecture, General Manager Lao Wen introduced the composition of the power system, the characteristics of the current power system, the problems faced by the traditional power system, and the solutions to four aspects, through the type of power generation, grid structure, grid transformation and other knowledge to introduce to the overseas students in China. To understand the cutting-edge power technology and future development, and patiently answer their questions.

This exchange activity helps to broaden the thinking and vision of the international students in China, and combine theoretical knowledge with actual production work.

I believe that in the future, with the joint efforts of Nengchuang technology and outstanding overseas local talents, China's green energy construction and high-quality technical products can accelerate to the world.