Lenercom ESS won the MUSE Design Awards in the United States!

On April 13, Lenercom ESS, a household optical storage all-in-one product independently developed by Nengchuang Technology, won the US MUSE Design Awards product design gold medal that has attracted much attention from design, business, culture, media and other circles !

The judges of the competition gave Lenercom ESS a high praise. The jury stated that Lenercom ESS can use cutting-edge product design to ensure the improvement of equipment performance and expand the user experience.

MUSE Design Awards was founded in New York, USA. It is hosted by International Awards Associates (IAA), a long-standing international awards association. It is one of the most influential international awards in the global creative design field. It represents the top level in the global design field. National Geographic International giants such as museums, Disney, NIKE, and IBM are all "frequent visitors" participating in the competition for the award.

Official statistics show that the MUSE Design Award has received nearly 42,000 entries from more than 102 countries/regions around the world.

Winning this award represents design recognition and recognition from all over the world. As a new product, Lenercom ESS has emerged in the industry with its pioneering design concept and elegant and exquisite appearance in this competition, showing outstanding design connotation and innovative value.

Serving household energy storage scenarios with innovative design concepts and cutting-edge technology

Lenercom ESS with various shapes

The award-winning Lenercom ESS, as a front-end representative product specially designed for household optical storage all-in-one, has excellent performance in terms of design, performance and human-computer interaction.

Especially in terms of humanized industrial design, Lenercom ESS adopts modular stacking design, aviation foolproof plug, plug-and-play and other humanized designs. Users can not only configure storage units flexibly, but also save battery replacement to the greatest extent. , Equipment installation and other usage costs.

Lenercom ESS product

In addition, Lenercom ESS adopts a body-fitting design that can reach IP65 protection level. With a creative circulating heat dissipation system, Lenercom ESS is not only limited to home use, but also suitable for high-end villas, communication base stations, mobile charging stations, farms, and fish ponds. ……And many other scenes, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant and cold-resistant (adapted to humidity and extreme cold and hot environments of -20°C~60°C).

Especially in the field of human-computer interaction, Lenercom ESS uses the energy management system EMS (APP) as the carrier, so that Lenercom ESS has a richer human-computer interaction capability. Users can realize remote dynamic real-time data monitoring and equipment control through APP, at any time Control the operating status of the equipment, and also realize social functions, expand the function boundary infinitely, and realize breakthrough innovation in product definition.

Lenercom ESS remote operating system

In terms of the most important power efficiency, Lenercom ESS can realize millisecond switching between off-grid and grid-connected, and supports UPS function, making it possible to provide 24-hour uninterrupted power supply.

The current global energy market is extremely competitive. As far as energy storage is concerned, international big-name jewels such as Huawei and Tesla are ahead. The new products such as inverters and battery cabinets launched by them are very strong in terms of technological content and appearance. Market competitiveness. Lenercom ESS can stand out from many strong players, and it is worthy of being affirmed in terms of design and professional fields.

The excellent product design has not only won awards, but also the sales performance has also soared. It has achieved multi-country business blossoming in less than one month since its launch.