Texas has entered a "major disaster state", electricity prices have soared 200 times, and ...

Updated: Mar 18

Texas has entered a "major disaster state", electricity prices have soared 200 times, and solar energy storage has become the focus

In recent days, snowstorms have swept across many parts of the United States. The average minimum temperature in more than one-third of the regions was below minus 17.8 degrees Celsius. The local temperature in Texas (hereinafter referred to as "Texas") once dropped to minus 19 degrees Celsius, the lowest since 1989. Almost 60 people have died in the cold spell across the United States, and approximately 4.4 million households have lost power.

(The temperature in most parts of the United States is below 0°C. Source: New York Times)

Texas is located in the southern part of the United States, with a climate close to Guangdong, warm in winter and hot in summer. Such extreme cold weather is not common. Not only is there a shortage of “heating equipment”, it also suffers from a large-scale electricity shortage.

With the extreme imbalance of supply and demand, Texas electricity prices have soared wildly. The wholesale electricity price once exceeded US$10,000/MWh, exceeding US$10 per kilowatt-hour, which is equivalent to 65 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity, an increase of nearly 200 times compared to the average daily price of electricity.

Due to heavy snow and low temperature, local electricity is often cut off, and some areas even completely cut off electricity. On February 20, local time, the White House approved Texas to enter a "major disaster state."

The government does not act and throws the "energy crisis" out of the new energy

United States known as the "energy heart" of Texas, actually suffered a "energy crisis", US media pointed out, was the state of this poor performance, it is because the US government at all levels to face the disaster unprepared caused.

"Washington Post" published an article that as early as many years ago, someone proposed to the Texas government to "upgrade the power grid to deal with severe cold weather," but the Texas government did not listen to the opinions and acted on it.

In order to shift the contradiction, the Texas government began to "throw the pot" to new energy. In order to counter the clean energy policy of the new Democratic President Biden, the Republican Party began to spread the word that the Texas blackout was due to unreliable wind energy. The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, said that this account should go to New Energy. Wind turbines and solar energy are the main responsibilities.

(Recently, photos of helicopters deicing wind turbines went viral on the Internet. In fact, this photo was taken in Sweden many years ago.)

In fact, the largest energy supply channel in Texas is still natural gas power plants, and wind and solar power generation account for only 20% (below the installed capacity, of which wind energy accounts for only 13% and solar energy 7%). The number of power outages caused by failures in natural gas, coal and nuclear energy systems is almost twice as many as frozen wind turbines and solar panels.

In addition, whether wind energy or solar energy, as long as the anti-freezing and deicing treatment is done and managed properly, it is very reliable. It can be used normally even in high latitudes such as Russia, Denmark, Norway, and Antarctica.

In extreme weather, photovoltaic energy storage becomes an important support for residents' heating

Unlike the government's crazy dumping, the household photovoltaic energy storage system has withstood the test in the disaster.

Reports show that Tesla energy users have been sharing information about their photovoltaic systems and household energy storage systems on social platforms. Despite the cold winter weather, photovoltaic and energy storage systems can still capture energy during the day and store it for several hours.

A Tesla user said on Twitter that the electricity in her area had been cut off six times in two days. Thanks to the installation of the Powerwall battery system, the house has never been powered off. She also emphasized that although her Tesla solar roof is covered with snow and ice, it can still generate electricity.

The market opportunity for photovoltaic energy storage is coming

The ability of Tesla's products to become "warm-keeping artifacts" in this extremely cold weather is related to its consistent policies. In recent years, Tesla has been committed to the research of solar power generation. The founder Musk has realized 100% solar energy as soon as possible The app has been crying for nearly 20 years.

An extreme snowstorm not only tested the power supply in Texas, and made people realize the importance of household photovoltaic energy storage, but also verified Musk's prediction of the photovoltaic energy storage market from the side.

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of photovoltaic energy storage technology, household energy storage products have entered the homes of ordinary people due to their portability, high battery capacity, easy operation, and affordable prices, and have solved many household electricity problems. Profit from it.

But what many people don't know is that not only Tesla, but also domestic photovoltaic energy storage technology is becoming more mature, and the products manufactured are not inferior to Tesla's powerwall.

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