• Lithium iron phosphate batteries, more efficient and safe.
  • Millisecond switching, support UPS and 24-hour uninterrupted power supply.
  • Full power continuous output, instantaneous power up to 2 times the rated power.
  • Up to 3 inverters in Parallel, plug and play design, no professional installation required.
  • Modular stacking, flexible configuration of energy storage units, power expansion on demand.
  • EMS cloud platform data acquisition. Intermittent transmission, easy to achieve Intelligent interconnection.


  • Model:LC-ESS-Elf-2044G2W

    Inverter parameter

    PV maximum input power:2000W

    PV maximum input current:80A

    PV maximum input voltage:145V

    Number of MPPT:1

    MPPT voltage range:64-130Vdc

    Rated /Instantaneous power:2000W/4000W

    Rated output current:8.7A

    Type of grid connection:L+N+PE

    Rated output voltage:230V

    Grid voltage range:180~270V

    Frequency of output:50Hz/60Hz self-adaption

    EPS Output

    Rated output power:1920W

    Rated output current:8.42A

    Rated output voltage:230V

    Rated output frequency:50Hz/60Hz


    Batterys&BMS parameters

    Battery pack voltage:24V

    Battery Type:LiFePO4

    Battery Capacity:4.4kWh*n

    Floating charge voltage:27V

    Designed lifespan:>10 years(25°C)

    IMax charge/discharge:60/8.7A

    System parameters

    Protection level:IP65


    Operating temperature:-20°C~60°C

    Humidity:15%~85%(No condensation)



    Safety regulations:IEC 62109-1&-2,IEC 62477,CE-EMC