How long is the service life? How long is the warranty?

The design service life of the household all-in-one is expected to be as low as 10 years. The warranty is based on the separate warranty of the inverter and the battery cabinet. The warranty time of the inverter is 1 year and the extended warranty is 3 years; the warranty time of the battery cabinet is 5 years .

Install a household all-in-one, how long can it be fully charged under strong sunlight?

Calculated according to the maximum input power of this model of photovoltaic 2kW, about 4.4/2=2.2 hours, including the loss, 2.5 hours can be fully charged.

How many cycles does the battery use?

The number of battery cycles is 3000, that is, 80% of the power can be stored after 3000 times. After 3000 times, it does not mean that it cannot be used, but the energy efficiency storage will be somewhat attenuated.

Is single-phase/three-phase only for inverters, and the difference between the two?

Single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, inverter output

How to become an agent? Do you want them to order first?

First of all, you need to understand our product details and agency policy. After the two parties have reached a consensus and signed an agency agreement, you can start agency products. Agents need to order by themselves. Refer to the agent agreement for details.


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